Monday, November 21, 2011

Weirdest Dream Ever

I am not very clear on the sequence of each of these elements of my dream last night, so I am going to do the best I can based off the order I think everything occurred.

The first thing I remember is walking to a Jason Mraz concert in a park with my sister Karla. For some reason our tickets were on the stage, which initially made me nervous because the stage looked too tall for me to hop onto (don't know why we didn't just take the stairs). So as the show started we were just lying there on either side of the stage during the performance. Karla yelled at me at one point because I started to doze off on the stage. I was enjoying the show, I was just really sleepy. Then there were technical difficulties and he couldn't finish the show so we left to go meet our mom.

When we left we wanted to go different ways threw the park, so we raced each other back to where Sally was. I can't remember who won, but it did start to rain so we drove back to Karla's apartment (no idea what city or where we were at this point).

Next thing I remember was being in Vegas watching a wrestling match, but the match was between two teams of wrestlers (they still wrestled one at a time in the ring though). One team was made up of WWF guys and the other was made up of "real wrestlers" (I don't know what "real wrestlers" are but they don't fake wrestle, apparently). At one point the "real wrestler" made a real move on the WWF guy and got disqualified because the WWF guy got for real hurt.

Next thing I remember is being in my hotel room and wanting to see if I could climb down from my balcony to the room below us. I did it, barely, but then couldn't get back up so I went into the room below mine and made friends with them. It was a big fat guy in his early twenties and his mom staying there (she wasn't there at the time though). He was very nice and I made us sweet tea vodkas and we watched football for a little while. Then I left to go to my room and got lost on the way and had to come back to his room. When I got back he was gone but had left a note saying to make myself at home (I guess he knew I'd be back).

My friend EJ then texted me to meet her and her mother (who was actually my friend Billy's mom, Peg) at their room, so I did, and when I got there, they were singing and dancing to Mary Poppins in the living room. I stayed for a bit but then went back to my "new" room. EJ texted me to go meet them for dinner and sent me a picture message from the restaurant. In the picture she looked like herself except she had big poofy mom hair.

I got lost again trying to find them because the restaurant had 400 floors or "sections", it was huge and confusing. It all looked like a gigantic mall and I ended up at a Super Wal-Mart.

That's as much as I remember now, I'll add to this as things come to me throughout the day.