Friday, April 13, 2012

Can't Sleep? The Silver Lining

I woke up around 2:30am this morning (last night?) and have not been able to go back to sleep. It's now 5:40am and my alarm goes off in 20 minutes. These types of nights/mornings are the worst. BUT in most situations—including this one—there is a silver lining. So I spent the past 30 minutes trying to figure out the silver lining in this situation (other than spending some QT chatting and hanging out with my kitties Salvador and Cher) and I think I've got it: the random TV shows that come on between the hours of 3am and 6am.

Lately, these are my favorite insomniac TV shows that get me through these miserable sleepless nights (in no particular order):

Any uncensored stand-up on Comedy Central (it's uncensored during the wee hours of the morning...the raunchier, the better)

Looney Tunes only comes on for like an hour which bums me out. I could watch WAY more Bugs Bunny than that.

Which got me thinking about my favorite cartoons growing up (Looney Tunes has probably always been #1). I think that's what my next post will be about. It's going to be tough ranking them though.

Ah! My alarm just went off...time to get ready for work I suppose.

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