Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You Had it Comin', Sal

My dream last night made me wake up laughing this morning.

I dreamed that I was performing in a play with some of my college friends' sorority. I was really only friends with one girl at Phi Mu and her name is Laura Le (we were roommates freshman year, this part is just fact, not part of the dream). Laura invited me to be in a play that their sorority was performing and I was so nervous. After my last scene, I was supposed to turn the light off and pick up my gift bag in the closet. I forgot to do BOTH of those things and the director had to remind me and the whole audience saw. So embarrassing.

My mom was in the audience too. After the performance ended, the bleachers (the seats weren't really theater seats but more high school gym style bleachers) cleared out and my mom, Sally, was sitting there with another parent. I was sitting in a circle across the room with Laura and two of her sorority sisters (whom I've never cared for) and I didn't want to be there. I looked at my mom and made the face and head motions that unmistakably mean "come on let's go, let's get out of here, I'm READY!". She looked back at me and was saying with her eyes and head motions "no, we aren't leaving. You need to stay and make friends with these girls." So I did.

Then I saw Sal get up to use the bathroom, which almost looked like an outhouse, but not in a gross way. It was more the kind of bathroom you would see at a beach resort by the pool and there was no ceiling to it. While she was in there, some fraternity boy went by it and dumped a bucket of water down into the stall (apparently he had been pranking everyone by doing this all day).

Sal came out, soaking wet and angry. All I could say was: "Told you we should have left when I was ready to leave."

The End.

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